10 Types Of Women You Should Never Marry

10 Types Of Women You Should Never Marry


While we can all agree that nobody is perfect, there are actually a few things that would adversely affect a relationship if a man chooses to partner with a woman with some not-so-great attributes.


1. The Bitter Woman: You know that woman that always seems to be angry at the menfolk all the time? Perhaps she has had her heart broken one too many times, but this woman is always bashing on men and talking about how they are no-good or useless. A man might not want to settle down with someone so bitter as it is guaranteed that when the opportunity arises, she would hurl hurtful insults and intense, hateful words his way due to all her unresolved anger.



  • Girls ,. Marry a guy OR settle down WHO you think you can be yourself. do Not pretend WHO you Are to be like By someone. BEen there, done that. To the one who wrote this tip, you are not authentic to yourself.

  • I totally agree with the post about the man shouldn’t marry…… I see or judge things according to my religion. 10 of them, cited there are right or I agree. There are many more too.

  • What is left?
    I mean every woman I’ve ever met has at least 4 to 5 of these traits and
    I’ve come to the conclusion that marriage is not for any modern day woman.
    They all have the 1 trait in common that links to all these other traits and that is they are
    all for themselves, what kind of car do you drive, where do you live, what do you do for living.
    Like a job interview.

  • Michael, you need help or glasses or a boyfirend dude.

    Adbu, get a life, live this one not one promised when you die in old shitty books that have cost the lives of millions and continue to cause pain and suffering around the world. Or dont, I couldnt give much of a shit either way provided you dont force your madness onto anyone else.

    Marry the person you fall in love with provided she loves you. Period. Black, white, Asian, fat, thin, christian, rich, poor, Muslim whatever.

  • I think pple are not supposed to get married,yu must just have children by someone yu agree with,period.because with love,pain comes with.

  • If this is true, it applies to every person, regardless of sex, gender or orientation.
    Let it be said, that trauma can be healed an a person can learn to reflect.
    If you love someone and you both are willing to make things work: don’t throw everything away based on reading this discriminating article.
    you may be the next one hurt and fall under #1. Would you want to be judged upon someone elses actions and not given the chance to make peace with your brokenness with the help of your loving partner, your mr. or mrs. right?
    Unbelievable how much damage a stupid article like this can be caused. Shame on the author.

  • I like the whole party girl and flirty girl thing. I married that. And yes, it is true that she flirts (or more) with other men, especially at parties. But it adds excitement and fun.

  • Some of these women are just fine. The flirty one can be made into a popular whore selling her ass for money, the attention seeker can be turned into a stripper also making good money. The spoiled brat needs to be trained which might be fun.

  • I totally agree with this article. Not every woman has one or two of these traits, i dont have any, im married, i have two kids, ive given myself 100%into my marriage. I sacrificed my social life because its not important for me. I prefer to raise my kids and create a loving home for them. Im 29 and have been in a relationship with my husband for 10years now. I hate crowds, attention and social media. Im not materialistic, i do work,, im humble and funny at the same time. All my friends hate me and they say im too perfect. Im nt perfect thou i js prioritize differently. Going clubbing is not important for me because i dont want to be approached by a guy, so i avoid being around guys.

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