10 Celebs Who Look Unrecognizable Without Makeup

5 Taylor Swift

Somewhere along the way, Taylor Swift achieved a perfectly polished look. Everything from her songs to her hair to her makeup seems like it came out of an industrial-grade hotness machine.

What happens when she doesn’t walk through the machine, though? You get this picture on the left. Here, Taylor Swift looks less like a hot megastar and more like your friend on social media who thinks having a cat is a substitute for a personality.

Then again, given her appearance in the musical film flop Cats, Taylor Swift seems to have taken ownership of her “crazy cat lady” vibe.

6 Kesha

In some ways, Kesha may be the most honest person on this list. Whereas other celebs hide their pre-makeup faces, Kesha posts natural pics of her mug pretty regularly to social media.

What those posts show is that without her makeup and professional ‘do, Kesha looks like the kind of freckled fraulein who would crack jokes with you in the back of your college literature class. Makeup or no makeup, though, most of us will be lucky to ever have the courage Kesha has shown in her legal battles with her producer.