10 Celebs Who Look Unrecognizable Without Makeup

9 Cardi B

Cardi B had one of those stealthy rises to fame. She went from being relatively unknown to a worldwide sensation practically overnight!

With these pics, you can see that Cardi can still “B” stealthy whenever she wants. That’s because, without stylish hair and makeup, the woman on the left looks nothing like the woman on the right!

Careful what you say about her, though. This stealthy celeb could be right behind you and you’d never notice.

10, Katie Holmes

Sometimes, it seems like Katie Holmes can’t catch a break. She went from a prolific career in TV and movies to a marriage with Tom Cruise. After their divorce, it seems like she disappeared almost entirely from public life.

We say “almost” because whenever a candid pic popped up, it was not flattering. And this picture shows that, without makeup, Holmes is as human as the rest of us. Maybe she’s taking a page out of Alicia Keys’ book and feeling empowered without makeup?