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10 Types Of Men You Should Never Marry

Marrying someone is never an easy step to take in life because that person is gonna be your life partner. So try to know the person from inside out before you end up marrying him. Every woman wishes their men to be their prince charming but they end up as a villain, dooming their life. The truth is always revealed in the end, no matter how nice men try to portray or camouflage their real personalities. Therefore choose wisely and cautiously the men you wish to marry.

1. Hanging On To Their Ex

These kinds of men are plenty and full, who plays a double game by always comparing you with their ex. So, that he can get the best out of you, hence, never end up marrying such men because your relationship will always be on rocky grounds, where you will get hurt the most.

2. Violent Man

You never know the many your marrying is actually a violent man, which you may find out later, and then it will be too late. While dating, if you see any signs of violence, like getting angry, yelling, hitting, using foul language with you or anybody, then just move away from the idea of marrying him. These traits of his will magnify later and burst like a volcano.