15 Celebrities Who Look Amazing After Their Weight-Loss Transformation

6. 50 Cent

50 Cent has always been a fit and good-looking rapper and actor, but for a role in a movie he had to shed 70 lbs as he had to play the character of cancer diagnosed football player. From 217 lbs 50 Cent came down to almost 147, he looked like a sick fellow who was exactly the requirement of his role. After the shooting, 50 cents returned to his healthy self, and now looks great again.

7. Claire Richards

We have been seeing Claire Richards for quite a while now, and over the years we have seen her lose and gain weight again and again. After giving birth to her third child Claire took her weight loss journey quite seriously and has shed more than 80 lbs till now, she plans to continue the same healthy lifestyle and decrease more weight in the coming years. We hope she can maintain this one this time.

8. Dr. Dre

When one has to attend a party every day, it is very easy to gain excess weight. The same thing happened with Dr.Dre, but because he is a star getting fat was not an option for him. He then decided to start a weight loss program, the old school way, he used to keep his eating habits healthy and exercised on regular basis. From 270 lbs, he came down to 230 losing a total of 50 lbs.

9. Paula Deen

Mostly all the amazing chefs we see are a bit overweight, and that’s understandable as they are always surrounded by food. Sadly for Paula Deen, she had to lose almost 40 lbs, after being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. The doctors made big changes in her diet, which would have been difficult for her as her life is all about food. Paula now embraces her new lifestyle and has accepted that this is the healthy way to live her life. Despite the fact she can’t eat many things, she is still making delicious food for her followers and will continue to do so.

10. Monique

Monique’s weighed 300 lbs previously, a weight which is merely impossible even to imagine someone having but because of her unhealthy choices, she had reached that level. In 2012, Monique realized that it was high time for her to get serious about her health and thus began her weight loss journey. She changed her diet and started exercising a lot. After so many years of never-ending dedication, she lost 100 lbs in 2016, which is more than amazing. People who might not have seen her old pictures, won’t be able to recognize her.