15 Celebrities Who Look Amazing After Their Weight-Loss Transformation

11. Ricky Lake

The first time Ricky Lake started her weight loss journey, she shed around 100 lbs which sounds like a big milestone to achieve, but because her techniques weren’t right, she gained some of it back again. All that she did was eat little and train hard, but after gaining weight she realized what she was doing was wrong and since then has adopted a healthy balanced lifestyle for maintaining weight.

12. Mila Kunis

Similar to Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis was also required to lose weight for her role in the movie ‘Black Swan.’ She had to lose 25 lbs, which she has managed to do in quite a few months but her way of losing weight wasn’t right. The actress started smoking and only had an intake of 1200 calories per day. As soon as she got done with the movie’s acting, she gained back those 25 lbs, but because her weight was perfect for the role she came back to her healthy lifestyle again.

13. Tom Arnold

For Tom Arnold, his motivation for losing weight was his son, born in 2013. Soon after his child’s birth, he decided that to live long and healthy he will have to change his eating habits. Now Tom works out regularly and only eats healthy. His dedication has made him shed 100 lbs so far; now he is healthy and fit enough to enjoy physical activities with his son.

14. Wendy Williams

Wendy William should be looked up to as an idol when it comes to maintaining a good weight. She was quite fat before, but after she learned how to self-control, she has been managing a good weight ever since. She stays active and controls her portion of food, this has made her lose 50 lbs so far, and now she is maintaining that weight and living a healthy life.

15. Janet Jackson

Jannet Jackson did not lose weight but has also been maintaining it for many years. She believes in moderation and balance, she enjoys all sorts of dishes but keeps her calories in the right count by exercising every day. She tries to eat as much healthy food as possible, but sometimes when she cheats on her diet, she makes sure that she balances that amount of food with keeping a count of her calories.