15 Rare Photos Of Barack Obama In His Youth

Early Political Ambitions

You could argue that Barack Obama’s political ambitions began relatively early with his legal studies. For example, this 1990 photo shows Obama after he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review. He was the publication’s first black president, just as he would eventually be the first black president of the country!

A Hug That Meant The World

It’s pretty much impossible to look at Barack and Michelle Obama and not see a powerful couple that truly loves each other. And this pre-marriage photo of Michelle giving him a supportive hug shows us that they were destined to be together.

Keeping It Cool

One of the reasons that Obama was a popular president was that, regardless of his policies, many people saw the young, athletic, and handsome guy as just plain cool. And this 1980 photo from his time at Occidental College makes Obama look like a pop star in the making!

The Big Wedding Day

It’s an open secret that your wedding day is as much for the rest of your family as it is for you. Perhaps that’s why Barack and Michelle Obama took the time on their wedding day to snap this sweet shot alongside their respective mothers.

Wedding Day Exhaustion

Strictly speaking, most wedding photos are misleading. They present the couple’s big day as a joyous celebration, but these photos rarely show how downright exhausting all of this can be for the bride and groom. And that’s why we love this photo of Barack and Michelle taking a few minutes to rest and recuperate from the stresses of the day.