20 Celebrities Who Love To Shop At Walmart

Celebrities—the likes of Arnold, Rihanna, and Beyonce—are the people who enjoy all the luxuries in the world. They have more money than we can imagine, and they are able to afford anything we can imagine. They live in luxurious mansions, drive expensive cars, and wear designer clothes. And, they also stop by Walmart to do some shopping.

Well, yes, they do. Having a lot of money does not necessarily stop you from enjoying the taste of discounted goods. After all, who doesn’t love a nice deal?

 1, Rihanna

Who doesn’t know Rihanna? She is one of those celebrities loved by almost everyone. In 2013, when she was in Kamloops for Diamonds 2013 tour, she stopped by Walmart. There, she was at McDonald’s and was seen enjoying a nice meal.

2 Jennifer Gardner

Another reason why we love Jen Garner… this beautiful American actress and a mother of three kids is just so down to earth… and who doesn’t like a bargain? In spite of all the fame she has got, she was once seen traversing the aisles of Walmart with her daughter. Wearing the running shorts and her ponytail, she seemed as if she was really comfortable being there.

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