10 Celebrity Habits That Will Blow Your Mind



Apparently Eminem loves darkness. So much he cannot sleep unless the room is completely dark. In fact, when he goes to a hotel he makes the staff cover all the windows so that his room is completely dark.

Barack Obama


Just like many people, President Obama likes working at night. In fact, it has been said that he works even after 2 am because only then he gets to be completely alone and relaxed.


Jennifer Aniston


It is incredibly unfortunate if you´re a worldwide star who has a fear of flying. Why? Because you are expected to travel a lot. As you´d expect, Ms Aniston is forced to overcome her fear almost on a daily basis. How does she do it? Every time she steps on a plane she enters right foot first and always touches the side of the plane before entering. Until now, it has been effective.

Katy Perry


We all know that we must brush our teeth every single day after every meal. However, Katy Perry´s habit of carrying 20 toothbrushes everywhere she goes seems a little bit (incredibly) excessive. It´s okay that she wants to brush her teeth 6 times a day but, come on.

Megan Fox


Megan Fox is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest and most talented actresses in Hollywood. Her first appearance was on the television show Hope and Faith. Not only that, but she has also appeared in a number of movies, some of them being Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Transformers. Just like Aniston, Megan intensely hates flying. In fact, this has affected her career, for she has resisted appearing in many movie premieres and events just to avoid flying.

Simon Cowell


One would think a person who likes putting other people down would avoid having weird habits that put him in danger of being ridiculed. This is far from being true tough, for Mr. Cowell has the unusual habit of climbing a tree every single day. In fact, he has publicly said it is his favorite hobby.

Pamela Anderson


You´d think a woman so beautiful so gorgeous like Pamela Anderson would love to look at herself in the mirror. Well, she doesn´t. In fact, Pamela Anderson suffers from a condition called eisoptrophobia, which is a phobia of looking in mirrors. Every time she looks into a mirror she thinks she is going to see her soul which makes her freak out.

Britney Spears


Many times Britney Spears has said she wants to overcome her addiction to biting her nails. However, if you are a good observer you can see her bitten and damaged nails in numerous photographs.

Johnny Depp


Everyone has it clear that Johnny is incredibly comfortable with his sexuality. So much, he doesn’t care if people find out that he enjoys playing with Barbies from now and then. Good for him.

Kim Kardashian


Although it´s hard to know why, Kim Kardashian is an incredibly popular and famous woman. She even has her own reality TV show that displays her luxurious life. A person so particular as her has to have a weird habit. Apparently she is obsessed with hygiene. In fact, she even spent $850,000 on her bathroom appliances and products when she bought her house in Bel Air with her also-very-particular husband Kanye West.