10 Gorgeous Models Over 40


The fashion and beauty industry has certainly diversified over the years, with a focus being divided across many different age groups and body types. Plus size models and models over 40 have risen to stardom, showing the world that their truly is a diversion from the stereotype occurring. Here are 20 gorgeous models over 40.

1. Christie Brinkley


Christie Brinkley rose to fame in the late 1970s after winning the cover shot of the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition three times consecutively. Christie Brinkley may have turned 62 years old but she certainly does not show it. This star continues to land many major representative positions, remaining a force to be reckoned with in the modeling industry.

2. Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks has consistently remained a prominent figure throughout her life, carrying her beauty with majesty and grace. She shared the very first pictures of her baby son on Valentine’s Day of 2016 and it will be interesting to see how the birth of new life changes her focus and growth.

3. Elise Neal


Elise Neal caused a torrent of interest when she posted a sexy birthday pic of herself on social media, in celebration of her 50th birthday. As the pic shown above clearly reflects, Elise most definitely does not look 50! Elise Neal is not only a talented film actress, but a dancer as well, which may account for her picture-perfect frame.

4. Eva Herzigova


Eva Herzigova is a Czech model and actress that does not seem affected by the passage of time. Eva regularly snatches many high-profile brands, still capturing the attention of designers around the world. She most recently took to the runway for Vogue Paris March 2016, showing once again that she is a timeless beauty.

5. Elle MacPherson



The 51 year old supermodel Elle MacPherson has remained at the forefront of fashion and beauty since first entering the industry. Known as “The Body” Elle clearly still has it, looking gorgeous in both swimwear and more elegant and formal attire.

6. Cindy Crawford


Cindy Crawford is a model with more than 30 years of experience, managing to maintain her gorgeous beauty flawlessly all through the years. She recent shared vacation photos proving to the world that even at age 50, she still holds sex appeal and allure.

7. Louise Redknapp


Singer and media personality Louise Redknapp is but 41 ears old, but one thing that she certainly knows is beauty and its evident!She has gone on to provide a series on beauty tips, and coming from this beauty the tips would be well received!

8. Kate Moss


Kate Moss is a leading force in fashion and entertainment, she has managed to capture the attention of the media across the entire span of her career. Most recently she landed the cover of Vogue UK magazine for May 2016, proving yet again that even at age 42 she is still as stunning as ever.

9. Iman


man Abdulmajid, the wife of deceased David Bowie, has maintained her superstar looks throughout the entire course of her life. Iman and the children of the late David Bowie were honored at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Iman looked majestic as always, and showed great gratitude for the token of appreciation presented by the entertainment community.

10. Brooke Shields


Brooke Shields has remained influential throughout social circles in Hollywood, never allowing her age to affect her beauty. Since her split from Andre Agassi, Brooke has overshadowed the aging tennis star, remaining a face to remember amongst the Hollywood elite.