12 Obvious Reasons Why G.uys Like Short Girls


1. Guys Feel More Powerful In The Relationship


How we behave in a relationship is largely connected and determined by our psychological needs. Frequently, a man unconsciously desires to feel more dominant in his relationship. Actions as simple as towering over his girlfriend or even choosing a relationship by height is way to make him feel automatically more powerful in his partnership. A guy usually views a relationship as a combination of love and the struggle of power, so having height on his side leaves him with feelings of that belonging to a triumphant winner.

2. Short Women Look Like They Need Protection From The World


Short women have an innate ability to affect the behavior of people around them. For some reason, people want to keep the shorter woman safe and protected. Their height makes them appear more vulnerable, even if they can take care of themselves. The physical vulnerability makes them cute and precious, attracting many suitors.


3. It feels Nice To Hug Them



Guys love hugging shorter women. A friend of mine is currently dating one and hasn’t stopped gushing about her height being perfect. Hugs with shorter women include their head resting below your chin, a sensation alike to that of two puzzle pieces.

4. They Don’t Know How Amazing They Are


Many people believe in stereotypes that tall women are aware of how they they are and therefore know they have options when it comes to relationships. The stereotype for shorter women is that they are unaware of their beauty and charm since they have been preoccupied with how uncomfortable they feel about their height. Innocence and humility can be very attractive in a woman. When someone has these both, why would anyone care about how tall they are?

5. Guys Feel Inferior To Tall Women


Tall women frequently project confidence simply because of their height. Since most men have huge egos that they rarely compromise, tall women can make them feel inferior. Men are generally afraid of feeling powerless, so shorter women from the get-go feel like a safer bet when it comes to protecting their ego.



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