15 Celebs Who Live A Surprisingly Frugal Lifestyle

Leonardo DiCaprio


The most sumptuous buy he has ever constructed was $2.5 million on an island close Belize. He drives the same auto that he has for a long time, a Toyota Prius and doesn’t have confidence in sumptuous spending. He feels that by sufficiently having cash set aside, he finds himself able to tackle or deny parts however he sees fit. He likewise feels that later on he can utilize his cash to do something extraordinary for the world.

Halle Berry


Halle is known for every last bit of her parts in motion pictures, and is worth millions however this does not make her hop to the closest fashioner dress store. She surfs the freedom and deals racks at whatever point conceivable. Needing to raise her more youthful sister growing up, she needs to extend and spare her cash however much as could reasonably be expected so she can keep on living serenely once the ride stops.

Sarah Michelle Gellar


Having been raised by a single parent, the family unit was constantly tight on stores. She utilizes coupons wherever she goes, makes a point to visit Bloomingdale’s on twofold prizes days and brings her reusable shopping sacks to get cash off at Whole Foods. She needs to concentrate on profiting extend so she can keep on dealing with her and her mother

Kristen Bell


Living in a standout among the most economical family units while growing up, Kristen figured out how to coupon. She finds herself able to coupon for every last bit of her excursions and not simply the basic need ones. She trusts that sparing cash in the way to making your fortune last a touch longer. Needing more luxurious things in life can accompany a cost when you don’t have anything to fall back on.

Tobey Maguire


Experiencing childhood in destitution, his $26 million value is something you wouldn’t figure he had. Continuously seen wearing a cotton T-shirt and Levi’s, he doesn’t feel that you have to spend huge and clear your cash out. He never needs to be in a position where he can’t bear the cost of his bills, or his life in light of the fact that he went out and buy rich things that were not required.

Jennifer Lawrence


In spite of the fact that she is one of the greatest stars out there, known as far as concerns her in the Hunger Games; she does her own shopping for food. She doesn’t need the swelling of being a star hold her once more from her family unit obligations. She likewise cuts coupons to use amid the shopping excursions to spare extra cash in the basic need line.

Teri Hatcher


Teri trusts that your frugalness happens when you’re more youthful. Those life lessons stay with you. Being a separated mother, she now spends her cash astutely. She drives her autos for no less than ten years or more, and doesn’t take rich outings. She attributes her capacity to make due on an everyday premise with her kids is from being economical.

Eva Longoria



Eva Longoria grew up being thrifty with her father taking her and her kin outdoors without sustenance. He would instruct them to live off the area amid their time there. She had an extravagant $1.5 million wedding, yet the favors distributed were all freebies she scored for the event. She spares where and when she can, and is continually sparing.

Zooey Deschanel


With a total assets around $3 million, and making $100,000 a month from her hit demonstrate to, New Girl, she knows generally accepted methods to spend softly. It is said that she just spends around $23,000 month to month for every last bit of her needs. While this may appear like a great deal for somebody, it is a little sum contrasted with those in Hollywood that like to spend huge or go home.

Tyra Banks


Worth $75 million, she is the ruler of sparing. Moving into another office, she didn’t care for the floor covering. Rather than supplanting the entire floor covering, on the other hand she chose to change the shades of the dividers to coordinate the rug. It was a less expensive option, and she found herself able to keep some cash in the bank. Before making any buy, she generally counsels her bookkeeper.

Paul McCartney


His net worth over $1 million, yet you wouldn’t think so with the way that he spends. He would make his visitors buy their own particular beverages when setting up a gathering. He additionally sent his youngsters to government funded schools rather than private, however they were angry with this. He is likewise not abandoning those venture and presently holds various them for funds.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker known as the fashionista on Sex and the City really has purchasers regret when she buys costly bits of attire. She will return them the following day. She experienced childhood in a family unit that utilized welfare to get by, and knows not to underestimate her money. She likewise would not like to excessively ruin her child, and needs him to carry on with an ordinary, glad life.

Mick Jagger


Mick experienced childhood in an exceptionally cheap family unit. He has the saying, “if something breaks, you settle it, not supplant it”. He would request that his wife buy the family and youngsters things, rather than spending his cash on the things required. He was liberal with gifting, yet cheap with regular things that must be bought.

Jay Leno


Jay Leno is known generally for his phenomenal drama and his late night television show. The greater part of the cash that he makes from the syndicated program goes into investment funds, while the cash from stand up is the thing that he permits himself to spend all the time for the necessities he needs. He has dependably been known for his diligent work, devotion and duty to reserve funds.



The inventor of the Foo Fighter’s does not appear to spend indiscreetly. He lives in suburbia and spends his days being a father. Obviously, the vast recording studio in his house was essential. He is hesitant to spend a great deal of his cash since he doesn’t have a secondary school confirmation, never set off for college and says he has no genuine aptitudes to fall back on.