30 Shameless Times Celebs Showed Too Much Skin On Public

Female celebrities are always getting attention. Websites, newspapers and media cover every part of their lives. Today we are going to check the photos of 20 female celebrities who didn’t bother to wear underwear.



It’s no surprise that Rihanna is on this list. The Barbadian singer spends more time without pants on than any other celeb. The pop diva has been ‘caught’ on numerous occasions rocking no underwear but this has just propelled her straight into the front pages of magazines and papers across the planet.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo isn’t afraid to put her body on display and who can blame her? She’s got one of the greatest booties in Hollywood. The fiery Latino prefers to go commando but to be fair, wearing a big pair of granny pants with a lacy dress would just look ridiculous.


This has to be one of the most stunning photos of Beyonce ever taken. Wearing no underwear really works for her.