10 Shocking Celebrities Who Were Killed By The Illuminati

While we understand that the families of the bereaved will almost certainly cry foul when their loved ones are taken away, the ones we struggle to understand are the conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theorists will always look for, and find a good reason to loathe something, or a good reason to prove that something is not the way we see it, convinced it happened in a different way altogether.

Over the years there have been a lot of individuals, or in this case celebrities, who have died. Some of them died natural deaths, others died in circumstances that can only be described as uncertain. There are deaths that remain a mystery to date, and since not much seems to come from the authorities and investigators, the more time passes, this information gap is filled by our able conspiracy theorists.


The best thing about conspiracy theorists, especially when it comes to proving that certain celebrity deaths were nothing but the work of the Illuminati, is how they always manage to find evidence, circumstantial or not, linking the Illuminati to these bizarre incidences. The following is a list of high profile individuals who were allegedly killed by the Illuminati – go grab some popcorn!

10. Ryan Dunn

One of the guys behind the Jackass crew, Ryan Dunn was found dead in June 2011 in a car accident, at 3am. While a lot of people will say this was just any other accident, conspiracy theorists have their way of proving things to be contrary to what we read about in the media concerning Dunn’s death. According to such theories, June 20 is the eve of the summer solstice sacrifice night, for the Illuminati. Other than that, he died at 3 in the morning, which is also considered to be the hour of the devil. Toxicology reports indicated that the 34-year-old had two times the legal alcohol limit in his blood at the time of death.

9. Whitney Houston

Perhaps the death of Whitney Houston has to be one of the most theorized in the Illuminati conspiracy theories. A songstress whose music has lived through generations, and still lives on to date, many believed that her success might never have been if she did not join the Illuminati. Upon her initiation, she rose to fame, and success followed. As fate would have it, her masters would be done with her in 2012 when she was acutely intoxicated on cocaine, in her bathtub. According to our “learned fellows,” her contract was up. Well, at least someone else doesn’t see the hand of Bobby Brown in this!

8. Corey Haim

There is this thing with child stars and addiction, which conspiracy theorists and Illuminati propagandists always refuse to consider. When fame gets to your head as a kid, there is only one way out for you, destruction, and death. The 80s teen idol who featured in The Lost Boys became such a hit at a juvenile age, and addiction soon followed. It was in 2010 when he collapsed and died, in the presence of his mother – he was still living with her. The results of his autopsy indicated that he died of pneumonia, but the 553 prescription pills he had purchased in 32 days before his death raised lots of questions.

7. John F. Kennedy

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Perhaps one of the deaths that has been at the helm of conspiracy theories of how the Illuminati work is the assassination of JFK. He reportedly had been working for the Illuminati, as is the case with almost all the American presidents who enter the Oval Office. He supposedly got tired of their demands and began to resist their advances. When this happened, his goose was already cooked. The masters that be organized his assassination, and on November 22, 1963, they took care of their small problem. His legacy lives on, as does the Illuminati conspiracy over his death.

6. Michael Jackson

Whitney died while she was making her comeback into the music industry. She had already worked on a number of tracks, and things were looking up. Such was the scenario with MJ. His Comeback concert was already sold out, London was eagerly awaiting his show in June 2009 and then he was no more. Homicide and cardiac arrest have been cited to have caused his death. He was apparently a member of the Illuminati, but before he died he had been speaking out against their need to stay in control of everything, and most importantly, their incessant desire to kill him.

5. John Lennon

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The case of John Lennon was simply a matter of someone being too popular for the elite to fathom. Most of those in power did not appreciate the following that he had gathered over time. Such were his tribulations that the INS had already made attempts to have him deported. Apart from the INS, the FBI ran constant surveillance on him. For Lennon, his biggest mistake was speaking out against the evils that had taken root in the industry. According to conspiracy theorists, his assassin had been under mind control by the Illuminati when he proceeded to kill John Lennon.

4. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was another case of popularity getting out of hand. The Illuminati love someone who brings in the masses in hordes, but when it appears as though this popularity will get in the way of their bidding, they have to go. Of course Martin Luther King, Jr. was an influential individual, there’s no doubt about that. However, when he came out and denounced the large corporations in their support for the Vietnam War, whose benefits the corporations would enjoy for years, he became the easiest target the Illuminati has ever gone after, wiped out in April 1968.

3. Abraham Lincoln

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Big businesses and corporations are not just a problem that we have to deal with today, Lincoln had already been struggling with them for a while. The challenge here was that the corporations were becoming a threat to the Southern Confederacy. Since he had already started speaking out against the powers that be, he was next in line to be taken out. April, 1865 came and Lincoln was no more. On so many occasions he had spoken out against these corporations, and how they take advantage of the economy at its worst, while at the same time preying upon the country during peaceful times.

2. Tupac Shakur

The case of Tupac was different. For a young man who was in the music industry, a black man struggling with the racial challenges at the time, it would have been hard for him to make it. So he apparently sold his soul to the devil. To gain success, he traded his life for the fame. By the time he was 25 years old, he had already become so popular, and also had quite an audience to which he would speak his mind. Since his ideas and the Illuminati vision were never on the same page, his time was up, or so they say…

1. John F. Kennedy Jr.

The death of JFK Jr., just like the assassination of his father, drew a lot of speculation. There were widespread rumors that Jr. had come across information regarding the death of his father. In this dossier, he would reveal that George Bush and the CIA had conspired with the Illuminati to have his father assassinated. We can only imagine how damning this information would have been, especially if there were credible documents to support it. Before he would come to publish his report, he was a victim of a plane crash in July of 1999, and with his death, disappeared the information he intended to publish.

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