10 Great Hollywood Actors Who Have Never Won an Oscar


Academy award is the greatest honorary award that any person working in Film industry can receive. But despite giving excellent performances in many films and getting nominated multiple times some great actors yet to get their hands on that little yellow statuette. We’ve made the list 10 great Hollywood actors who have never won an Oscar in Best acting category.

10. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. Best known for his role as Iron Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Right from the beginning, he caught critics attention for having excellent acting abilities. He played “Charlie Chaplin” in 1992 film “Chaplin”, which would be surprising for his fans, because today we can’t imagine him playing that kind of role. But he not only excelled in that role, but also received his first Oscar nomination. Soon after that, his career went into downward trajectory due to drug addiction.

He made comeback after fighting his personal problems with films like “Kiss Kiss Ban Bang” and “Iron Man“. In 2008 academy again noticed his acting capabilities for his role in “Tropic Thunder”, and gave him an Oscar nomination for Best actor, but he missed again. But we’re hoping that he would crack an Oscar soon in future.



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