10 Iron Man Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Once considered a B-List character, Iron Man’s fame blasted when he made his wide screen presentation played by Robert Downey, Jr. in the 2008 motion picture which commenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Made in 1963, Tony Stark had dependably been very much enjoyed by comic book fans; however Jon Favreau and Kevin Feige’s dangerous throwing choice paid off bigly for the character in all types of media. Iron Man might now even be greater than Spider-Man, which you’ll understand why when we discuss the 10 Iron Man facts that you never knew.

Iron Man’s ascent from lack of clarity has been a snappy one, and nobody could have speculated 10 years back that he would be a character who has a sufficiently major effect in the cinema world to guarantee Marvel pays Downey, Jr. a crazy measure of cash to keep him on board. Be that as it may, in spite of being around for a long while, he’s sure to have a couple of insider facts concealed in his exoskeleton. Thus, go along with us as we take a gander at 10 things you never knew about Iron Man.

10. It Took 20 Years in the Making before the First Iron Man Film

Iron Man is the film which commenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe; however it was a long way from the first endeavour to convey the then B-List character to the extra large screen. It took more than 20 years. Quentin Tarantino was joined to compose a form path in 1999, while The Avengers chief Joss Whedon likewise played with the thought in 2001.

Some place along the line, Tom Cruise made it clear that he was occupied with the part, and Paramount Pictures were quick to advance with him playing Tony Stark. It never happened however, and different performing artists to have pushed or been considered for the part incorporate Nicolas Cage, Timothy Olyphant, and Clive Owen.


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