10 Of The World’s Oldest Mothers To Have Ever Given Birth



#10. Haya Shahar

Haya Shahar had been trying to naturally conceive a child throughout her 46-year marriage to husband Shmuel, but it wasn’t until she was 65 that she finally gave birth to a baby boy. The couple underwent treatment for IVF, although it is not clear whether they did this abroad or in their native Israel, where it is illegal for a woman over the age of 54 to undergo the procedure.


Haya gave birth to a healthy baby boy by Cesarean, and the couple credited the event to their Rabbi’s blessing three years prior. However, doctors at the Kfar Saba hospital where the child was born were wary to warn against other older mothers taking the same route. Obstetrician Dr. Tal Biron told The Jerusalem Post:

“We do not recommend this. It is illegal to perform in-vitro fertilization on a woman of this age, and it is dangerous. There are many possible complications. Pregnancy is an unnecessary burden on the mother’s body.”



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