10 Broke Celebs Who Are Poorer Than You


We watch them come from out of nowhere and become famous millionaires overnight, and it’s mind boggling. Then we smile when it all falls apart because we’re human. Believe it or not, not all famous people are exempt from the money struggles the vast majority of us face on a daily basis. There are dozens of former millionaires who made their fortune in the entertainment industry only to blow it all on fast cars, multiple mansions, and wild parties. Many of these once-famous bums were forced to file for bankruptcy and now scrape by on what little money they can earn from movie cameos and appearances on celebrity editions of TV game shows. It’s kind of depressing, really, but at the same time, you just can’t help but watch as these stars continue to fall from grace.


#1 Mike Tyson

One of the greatest boxers of all time, aside from Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson had a reputation for being an angry and violent man, even in the ring. He bit off the ear of Evander Holyfield during a bout in 1997 and was fined $3 million for the incident. He then spent time in prison for raping an 18-year-old girl. His career in boxing was winding down. Though he had earned well over $300 million during his time in the ring as the champ, today Tyson is virtually busted. Poor decision-making led him into poverty after purchasing exotic pets, prostitutes, mansions, vacations, and lavish parties. The former Champion of the World recently had his debts to the IRS forgiven, though is reported to still be struggling to get by. He voices a cartoon series on Adult Swim called Mike Tyson Mysteries and he says that is his only source of income.

#2 MC Hammer

“U Can’t Touch This” made MC Hammer one of the most famous performers in the 1990s. He seemed to have it all, and he did for a while until he did what everyone who earns a little extra cash does and blows it foolishly. He bought, of course, the infamous mansion filled with gold fixtures, costumes, jewelry, cars, and drugs. He dropped millions of dollars every year on horses, helicopters, and a house staff of 200 people. But then he got sued byRick James for allegedly stealing portions of “U Can’t Touch This” which the judge ruled was lifted from James’ “Super freak” hit. This cost Hammer millions of dollars and he couldn’t meet his taxes, eventually going bankrupt. Despite selling more than 50 million records worldwide, MC Hammer has very little to show for it these days except maybe a few pairs of those balloon pants in his closet.

#3 Dennis Rodman

He is considered to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time and during the 1990s he made millions playing for a few different teams across America. He also tried his hand at professional wrestling, where he made a couple million more dollars before finding that it wasn’t meant for him. Rodman has been plagued by legal issues for much of his life. He has been arrested countless times and has paid thousands of dollars, if not millions, in bail and legal fees. An alcoholic, he also spent a ton of dough on booze, drugs, and wild parties. His financial status was not on record until it was determined that he was unable to meet his back child support payments that exceeded $1 million.

#4 Lindsay Lohan


Nobody fell from grace harder than Lindsay Lohan did. The child actress had, at one point, so much money that it was hard to calculate, ranging in the upper millions. However, she blew right through that money like a new knife through warm butter. Lavish parties, expensive wardrobe, vacations, numerous homes, and condos, she did it all. Having such great wealth at such a young age has rarely done anybody any good, and it wasn’t long before Lohan became another victim of early fame. She has been publicly struggling to make ends meet for a number of years now, especially since her parents were accused of stealing most of her wealth. Several drug and alcohol arrests have given her a bad reputation and she can’t get any work in acting. It’s reported that she borrows the $8,000 a month to make her rent payments and Charlie Sheen even gifted her $100,000 to get her back on her feet but then claimed she never even thanked him for it

#5 Chris Tucker


Tucker, a stand-up comedian, made millions of dollars when he was signed to do the Rush Hour movies with actor Jackie Chan. However, in 2014, he was left devastated when it was announced that he faced a tax bill of $14 million. A representative of Tucker claimed that the comedian had not made a conscious effort to defraud the government and was instead the victim of an incompetent financial management team. Still, he was forced to pay up or face prison time. The massive amount of money he had banked away had to be spent to cover his legal fees and pay back the federal government. He continues with his stand-up but barely draws a crowd, and his last acting performance was in “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” in 2015.

#6 Janice Dickinson

She refers to herself as “the world’s first supermodel” but that fact is disputable since she popped onto the scene the same time several other well-known models did, including Christie Brinkley. She did, however, earn literally millions and millions of dollars in her career. And, she spent it just as fast as she made it. She purchased mansions, cars, alcohol, and threw lavish events in her own honor. Of course, the older Dickinson got, the harder model work was to come by and eventually she wasn’t earning any money to spend. She was so far in debt that she accepted an offer to do a reality show, “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” but it was low rated and only lasted a few seasons because it focused more on her egomaniacal behavior more than it did the models. In 2013, Dickinson filed for bankruptcy with the media reporting she owed nearly $1 million in unpaid taxes and plastic surgeon bills.

#7 Bill Cosby


Janice Dickinson managed to become newsworthy briefly again in 2015 when she joined the many women who began coming forward to state that comedian Bill Cosby had sexually assaulted them. Cosby, one of the most successful comics of all time became a household name back in the 60’s and 70’s. He has won Grammy awards for his comedy albums and eventually got into acting on the detective series I Spy. He had a turn in a few of his own series but the groundbreaker was The Cosby Show, brought in millions of dollars for the star and quickly made him one of the wealthiest comics in the history of showbiz.

For years, Cosby was plagued by allegations of sexual abuse, but almost all of them disappeared as quickly as they surfaced. However, it all came to a head towards the end of 2014, when dozens of women came forward together to accuse the comedy juggernaut of spiking their drinks and raping them while they were unconscious. Cosby was arrested that December and released on $1 million bail. Since then, the comedian has used up a large portion of his fortune to defend himself in court. It has been estimated that the entire Cosby fortune could be used up by the time of his trial later this year.

#8 Andy Dick

The only thing Andy Dick is famous for is being a real dick. He was a co-star on 1990s tv series NesRadio and Less Than Perfect and then went on to do the Andy Dick Show on MTV. He is popular on the Comedy Central Roasts these days but that’s about all he has going for him. A bunch of public intoxication arrests, disorderly conduct charges, and wacky behavior put him Hollywoods blacklist. Just a couple of Dick’s most noteworthy offenses includes exposing himself in a McDonald’s, groping a patron of a bar before going after the bartender, and drunkenly harassing Ivanka Trump on a 2007 edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! All of his problems have left him with no way to pull himself out of the rut and his net worth is less than $5,000 at any given time.

#9 OJ Simpson


Another disgraced athlete, OJ is a household name, but not for his athletic ability or even his acting chops, it’s mainly because of his scandalous past. Simpson earned millions of dollars as a football player and as an actor. However, his career came tumbling down when he was arrested for the murder of his wife and put on trial. Acquitted of the murder despite overwhelming evidence, he was set free in 1995. However, he was forced to pay his deceased wife’s family $33.5 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. Along with all his previous court fees, this left the football star just about busted flat. He couldn’t make his mortgage and resorted to selling his autograph to make ends meet. Still not making enough to fulfill his lavish lifestyle, he turned to crime to try and regain some of his fortune. In 2008, Simpson was charged with a multitude of felonies and sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

#10 Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is a hero to fans of comic book movies all over the world. He has performed in countless big-budget motion pictures, the most famous of which being New Jack City, White Men Can’t Jump, and the Blade film trilogy. Snipes has made millions of dollars in his acting career, and yet he has had some of the most publicized financial issues of any celebrity in recent memory. In 2006, it came out that Snipes fraudulently obtained millions in tax refunds and he was arrested in 2008 for knowingly frauding the IRS and was sentenced to 3 years in prison which was to begin in 2010. Since then, he has spent all of his money defending himself in a battle with the IRS over various tax fraud allegations.