12 Celebrities Who Quit Hollywood For A ‘Real’ Life

Hollywood gives the illusion that everything is perfect once you land a role in a hit TV series or film. You make insane amounts of money, everyone likes you, you are invited to the best parties in town, and you always look good. But the realities of showbiz are anything but the glitz and glamour it portrays.

Depending on the production you are involved in you may have to work in another city, country, or even continent. Spending long hours and sometimes under less than ideal conditions are just part of giving an authentic characterization.

You may love the artistic aspect of acting but you soon realize it’s more of a politics and popular game rather than improving your craft. Giving endless interviews, attending premieres, and posing for the cameras; thus missing out on what your family and friends are doing. It is possible to walk away from the spotlight and have a normal and happy life. 12 stars gave up having their names splashed across glossy magazines and opted for a civilian life that includes normal jobs.