7 Most Embarrassing Music Award Moments Ever

Music awards are an inescapable part of our culture, and while they are sometimes inspirational and entertaining, they also provide opportunities for disaster. Here are seven of the most embarrassing music award moments in history.

1. King Kanye

Let’s step back to a sad day in history when the words, “Imma let you finish” would forever become cringe-worthy. A bright-eyed and bushy tailed Taylor Swift was in the middle of her Cinderella-at-the-ball moment when suddenly Kanye West leaped from the audience and hijacked her acceptance speech. Alas, his promise to let her finish was replaced with a not-so-subtle jibe at Taylor when he half-heartedly told her he was happy for her, and followed this up by announcing that Beyoncé had “one of the best videos of all time.” Cue a deer-in-the-headlights camera angle of Beyoncé, torn between absolute horror and affection for Kanye’s devotion. Taylor was immediately transported from a dreamy fairy tale castle to the high school gym in “Carrie.” She was left with no time to finish, and a chorus of “Boos” echoed throughout the theater. Luckily, Beyoncé saved the day when she gave up her “Video of the Year” acceptance speech time to Taylor

2. Attack Of The Spread Eagle

During the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, the audience was gifted with an enthusiastic performance by Miguel. What they did not count on was witnessing the utterly horrifying spectacle of the musician randomly jumping into the crowd and nearly decapitating some poor lady’s noggin with his crotch. Yes, for reasons unknown, Miguel leaped over the crowd, probably assuming he could fly, caught this fan’s upper body with his legs, and landed on his rear end, smashing her head into the catwalk. Following this harrowing event, he simply continued to lie there and sing for a few moments, while the injured party disappeared into the crowd. Then he miraculously stood up and continued to dance around while hitting some seriously high notes. Coincidence? His crotch may disagree. However, he did end the performance with the splits, so apparently he has super-human recovery powers.

3. Repeat Offender

During the 2008 MTV Latin Awards, Katy Perry added an unexpected twist to her performance. While singing “I Kissed a Girl,” Katy interacted with a giant cake on the stage, because, of course, this is what music is all about. Apparently the frosting was too much for the singer to handle. Unintentionally channeling her inner acrobatic comedian, Perry fell not one, two or three times, but took four separate stumbles onto the stage following the conclusion of her routine.

4. It’s Kanye….Again


Yes, no amount of security or medication can prevent Kanye from somehow manifesting magically on-stage during inappropriate times. After Beck won the 2015 Grammy Award for Album of the Year, Kanye was apparently unable to resist the temptation and magnetic pull of the microphone and once again ended up crashing the acceptance speech slot. Once he made it into Beck’s personal space, he shook his head and left the stage, leaving some to wonder if this was all a self-deprecating joke. However, following the ceremony, this stage-stealing artist launched into a rant concerning Beck’s victory, and insisted that the evening’s award belonged to….guess who….yes, Beyoncé. Perhaps Jay Z and Kim should be concerned.

5. Booty-full Save

The 2009 American Music Awards featured a performance by Jennifer Lopez. In one sequence of her act, a pyramid of men was constructed for the purpose of creating a jungle gym that Jenny could climb on. After Lopez brutally walked over these human beings in her sinister boots, she transitioned to the next move by taking a power squat and then jumping off of one of their backs. This resulted in a classic “fall flat on your rear” moment. Luckily, Jennifer’s assets cushioned her fall, and she was up on her feet gyrating with astounding intensity in no time.

6. The Great American Dream


Americans are filled with pride to live in a country that promotes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What could better represent our intelligence and status than an appearance by Fart Man? Yes, other countries with access to MTV got a taste of our brilliance during the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards when Howard Stern descended onto the stage in a $10,000 spandex monstrosity with his butt cheeks hanging out. As if this weren’t enough to give viewers pause, a gas release simulation followed by an on-stage explosion sealed the deal. Viewers everywhere gaped in horror, and MTV never invited Stern back.

7. Family Ties

They say that family is the basic building block of society, but one must wonder what building blocks were put into the psychological toy chest of Chrissy Teigen. Her understanding of family composition came under alarmed scrutiny when she introduced her husband John Legend as “…a guy who is like a brother to me.” While this was surely a twisted joke, it had audiences cringing in their seats, wondering whether they should laugh or call social services.