16 Shocking Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide And Failed

You know what they say – a transverse cut for attention and a parallel cut for effects.

Most celebs that attempted suicide didn’t have the slightest clue of what it implies. For most of them, it was just a desperate cry for someone to pity them. Most of the cases covered here would make any professional emo kid chuckle.

You only get to try once. Few celebs had the chance to try it a second time. In most of the time, friends and family staged interventions and sent the ones with suicidal thoughts directly to rehab.

If you still think that 2016 was a rough year due to the many deaths in showbiz, just take a look celebs that went inches close to the other side.


#1 Eminem

Eminem was just 24 when he attempted suicide.

At the age when most youngsters are still stuck with their parents and trying to think of ways to pay college debt, Eminem already saw hell and came back to tell the story.

Before he hit big, Eminem had to struggle with poverty and the inability of giving his daughter Hailie the life she deserved. Being in a relationship with Kim proved to be a roller coaster for Eminem and the failure of his first independent album “Infinite” made him spiral down even further.

Eminem attempted to end his life using an overdose of Tylenol. If would have succeeded, our world would have missed out on the most successful white rapper to date.

Suicide is a common occurrence in the Mathers family and Eminem’s uncle succeeded, probably inspiring the rapper’s action.

The next suicide attempt will shock you even more, mostly because it comes from a man we all perceive as powerful.


#2 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson made a living by delivering winning punches.

It is perfectly reasonable for him to deny the 1988 suicide attempt. If successful, it would have stripped the history books from one of the most emblematic heavyweight champions.

However, no one can deny the facts. Tyson called his former wife Robin Givens, threatening to suicide. “I’m going to go out and kill myself; I’m going to crash my car.”

The later investigation showed that the 22-year-old boxer was not wearing a seatbelt and that there is no other plausible explanation for his BMW crashing into a tree.
The 30 minutes knockout was by far the longest in his career. Nevertheless, Tyson lived worst moments than this. The boxing legend spent three years behind bars for rape and saw his daughter Exodus die in a tragic treadmill accident.

The next star that attempted suicide will leave you speechless.

#3 Britney Spears

Britney Spears is one of the celebs that did not cope well with her fame.

After millions of fan adore you to the point of starting a cult, you have all chances of seeing the world in shades of gray. Exactly that happened to Britney.
The mother of two seen some rough times after her marriage to Kevin Federline ended in tears.

Not many details leaked, but the fact that the pop star shaved her head is enough of a hint. Most specialists agree that Britney went through a meltdown that sent many musicians in the arms of death before her.

Although short-lived, Britney’s visit to rehab clinics helped her maintain that grain of sanity needed to fuel her will to live. Good thing she was a pop star. Rock icons like Ian Curtis or Kurt Cobain went all the way through with it.

Speaking about other music genres, you must read about a heavy metal singer that almost killed himself.


#4 Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is known mostly for triggering suicidal thoughts amongst those that listen to his music.

However, the artist had his fair share of troubles as a teenager. Growing up was not easy back them and Ozzy eventually left school at 15, around the same period when he attempted to end his life for the first time.

“Suicide Solution” is one song probably inspired by Osbourne’s traumatic adolescence. As the title says, the tune tells how easy it is to end the struggle and embrace the nothingness.

Osbourne had to battle in court the parents of those who applied the lyrics and committed suicide. You will be happy to know the judges were never impressed by the claims.

Being suicidal is synonymous with writing great music. Check out the next British singer that felt the bitterness and tried to end it all.

#5 Elton John

Elton John never spoke explicitly about his suicide attempts.

We will try to rebuild his troubled past. The 69-year-old tried at least once to end his life. One of them involves a Valium overdose and jumping in a pool. The other is bizarre because the artist hoped to end his existence by sticking his head in an oven.

“Someone Saved My Life Tonight” is one of the many songs belonging to Elton John that talks about suicide and the problems of dealing with reality. Like other celebs, Sir Elton John showed one face to the public and kept the less pleasant one for himself.

Stardom meant depression and Elton John was particularly plagued by not coming to terms with his true sexual calling.

#6 Billy Joel

“I drank furniture polish. It looked tastier than bleach.”

Sir Elton John is seen here introducing our next unexpected guest on the list of celebs who attempted suicide – Billy Joel. The emblematic singer made the desperate attempt at a time when his incredible career took a slide down the slope.

However, life has its funny ways of showing a man the righteous path. The suicide note that was meant to explain to the world his decision became a music manifesto as “Tomorrow Is Today.”

Depression followed Billy Joel throughout the years, and the biography of the artist depicts the onset of many such dark episodes. It’s impossible to think of this world without “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

We should be grateful to silly celebs using all kind of wacky suicidal methods. Apparently, no one told them that a bullet in the head is the most efficient way.

#7 Princess Diana


The unhappy marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was a secret to no one.

Between the most watched wedding of the century and her funeral, rumors say that Diana attempted to take her life at least five times. Yes, you heard it correctly.

Life in the Buckingham Palace is far from being the fairy tale taken out of a Disney movie. When you have Queen Elizabeth II as your mother-in-law, you have few moments to enjoy life.

Diana flung herself down the stairs, cut her wrists, cut her chest and thighs with a knife, and even thrown herself into a glass cabinet. Even the simple lemon slicer planted suicide thoughts in her mind. One thing is sure. None of the above was successful.

We know where this is heading. Conspiracy theory will soon suggest that Diana asked the driver to crash the car on purpose.

Hollywood is a terrible place to be and many actresses contemplated suicide just before striking gold with their performances.

#8 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was a child prodigy, and her phenomenal ascent was sometimes too much to handle.

The 41-year-old is not shy in admitting substance abuse was a thing for her the moment she hit puberty. Snorting cocaine at the age of thirteen certainly beats everything Lindsey Lohan did.

Two failed suicide attempts “decorate” Drew’s rebellious era. Both of them were triggered by the periods of emptiness following her stays in rehab clinics.

Want to know what Barrymore did after recovering? The little girl from “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” went on to pose in Playboy and flash her breasts on the “Late Show with David Letterman.” If that’s not a sign of health, we don’t know what else is.

#9 Halle Berry

“I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming when I had an image of my mother finding me,”

The first and only black woman to win a Best Actress Academy Award had to climb back from hell. Halle Berry’s first failed marriage was too much for her to handle, so she attempted suicide.

The actress from “Cloud Atlas” and former Bong girl divorced David Justice in 1997, spiraling down into depression and dark thoughts. However, she gathered enough strength to return and win the Academy Awards in 2001.

Halle Berry had to learn that is perfectly normal for a Hollywood star to go through multiple marriages before finding someone suitable. Let’s all pray that her union with Olivier Martinez lasts like it should.

#10 Owen Wilson

Who would have thought that comedy actors like Owen Wilson can take life’s little schemes in serious?

2007 was the unlucky year for the actor, as a major depression episode pushed him to make a rash decision. Wilson cut his wrist and overdosed on pills, hoping to end this life cycle and start the next one.

It was Owen’s brother that found him right in time and called an ambulance. Apparently, it was too much for Wilson to see the photos of ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson and her new beau, Dax Shepard.

As for Owen’s career, the actor had to withdraw from “Tropic Thunder,” the film orchestrated by close friend Ben Stiller.

#11 Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash attempted to take his life in one of the most bizarre way possible.

“The Man in Black” overdosed on drugs and went for some speleology in the Nickajack Cave (Tennessee). The plan was to go further inside until he would not be able to retrace his steps.

However, God had a different plan for him. After falling into a dreamless slumber under the effect of the drugs, Cash woke up with a strange feeling of regained purpose. He followed the light back up and emerged a changed man.

The near death experience occurred in 1968 when Cash was just 36 years old. It’s pointless to say what happened next. The emblematic singer grew to become a legend of Rock and Roll, Gospel, and Country, crossing traditional lines in music like no other before him.

#12 Fantasia

“I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted out. At that moment I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with….”

Although winning the third season of American Idol and having her debut album go platinum, Fantasia could not keep it all together.

The R&B singer and songwriter enjoyed a brief period of glory, just before going back to mediocrity. However, people will always remember her as the African-American singer that attempted suicide in 2010.

Moving on to our next female celebs that attempted suicide, here’s a name that will certainly bring back memories from the days you used to hit the floor in your disco clothes

#13 Donna Summer

“The maid opened the door at exactly that time. Thank God that lady came because I would be gone today.”
Those are the words that describe the closest thing Donna came to suicide. She was saved at the last moment by her housekeeper, who startled her as she was about to jump the window.

The diva went through a rough period in the late 1970s when she dealt with being a single mother.

The unanimously proclaimed Queen of Disco was never shy talking about her career’s low points. Despite the incredible success that brought Donna a top 40 hit every year between 1975 and 1984, the artist had to battle depression on a constant basis.

If the story made you sad, nothing could prepare you for what’s next. Listening to her lyrics made many drown in sorrows.

#14 Sinéad O’Connor

Make way for the uncrowned queen of disturbing and depressing music – Sinéad O’Connor.

Fans heard fake news of their favorite singer dying so many times that they lost interest in the topic altogether. The last goodbye note that made its way on social media saw the Irish singer jumping from a Chicago bridge.

As you probably noticed, Facebook and Tweeter have become useful tools for expressing one’s anger and disappointed. Family issues have always hunted Sinéad, ever since her abusive mother died in a tragic car accident.

As for the many suicide reports, the singer dismissed them all.

Sinéad is a troubled woman and a phenomenal musician at the same time. We can only hope she will no choose to exit the stage on the backdoor.

#15 Drew Carey

Drew Carey scared his fans to death when he posted a strange and uncomfortable goodbye letter on social media.

“Part of me wants to kill myself because of my ex. But I don’t because I don’t want to give her the satisfaction.” More than 600,000 followers reacted to that, begging the former game host to give life a second chance.

Fortunately, the comedian was not entirely serious with his warning. He later explained to the hordes of anxious admirers that his tweet was rather a way of expressing regained freedom. Being dumped is not easy, but what the heck! When your name is Drew Carey, you have plenty of fish in the pond to choose from.

Although capable of finding comfort in other good things life has to offer, Carey has always been in intimate contact with depression. Carey attempted to take his life (for real) twice, at the age of 18 and 20.

Prepare yourself for the most gruesome method of suicide!

#16 Artie Lange

Artie Lange wanted to make sure he will not fail like many other celebs before him.

Therefore, he devised a complicated method that combined three separate suicide technique, each highly effective. Lange drank bleach, slit his wrists and stabbed himself in the abdomen.

For the record, he did it nine times, with a 27cm kitchen knife. You must be one hell of a man to survive that. Artie did exactly that and made full physical recovery after the incident.

As for his mental state, it’s hard to say. Artie Lange goes from comedy to depression faster than anyone else. Consumed by what he did, the former host of “The Howard Stern Show” never raised up to the relive the glory days.

Even so, Lange received a substantial check to write about the ordeal he went through. Gives us $800,000 and we would attempt suicide first thing tomorrow morning.

When Michael Jackson died he left behind many unresolved things. No one wonder when one of his children attempted suicide.