Never Marry the Guy Who Treats You This Way


Love is something we all hope to find one day. However, what if you’re in a relationship and are having a hard time. This doesn’t mean relationships won’t have complications, it’s always good to resolve any issues you have. When you think of a life partner for yourself, you want someone you can communicate with and trust. However, what are some of the red flags we don’t always notice in a relationship? These are the major reasons why you shouldn’t marry him.

Source: womenworking

He breaks his promises
If he breaks his promise, that means he doesn’t care enough about you. He should care enough about keeping his word and not disappointing you. Relationships are based on trust and mutual respect and by breaking his promises, he is not doing either of those two things.


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  • Mainly the habit of cheating is of ours husbands. Wen he marries you help takes it for granted ad start looking for others women outside.

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