Top 10 Most Beautiful Israeli Women

1. Michal Yannai

This Brunette beauty has one of the most attractive smiles. She dresses elegantly and because of her perfect body type can pretty well carry anything perfectly. Her nails are always designed and styled beautifully and this is something that never goes unnoticed not even by the media. Michal is a popular Israeli actress and has starred in many television series during the starting stage of her career. Some of her famous works include ‘The Day We Met’, ’88 Minutes’, ‘Pour Sacha’, and ‘Neshika Bametzach’.


Israel is best known for the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem city, Masada, sea of Galilee and of course its beautiful women. As the infamous saying goes “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”, which implies that beauty is present everywhere but the observer must have the right perspective to witness it. Beauty in women is generally a measure of glamour, but according to modern standards, factors such as popularity, intellect and skill are used to characterize the beauty of a woman. Israeli women are known to be tough and still have remarkable looks and charm.

10. Miri Bohadana

This gorgeous brown-eyed beauty was born in 1977 and just at the age of 15 she participated in “Miss Beer Sheva”. Soon after she became a model and in 1995 her beauty made her the runner-up in the Miss Israel contest. She then was third in the Miss World pageant in South Africa and this earned her worldwide recognition. Bohadana was a part of many Israeli catalogs and commercials before she got a chance to play a chief role in the film Eskimo Limon (in the year 2000). She even has produced a TV show called Good Girls.

9. Noa Tishby

Noa Tishby is a singer, model, and actress. She was born in Tel Aviv and got married to an Australian media personality, Andrew Gunsberg. In 2015 Tishby gave birth to Ari Ford Tishby Hinkle, her son, who has clearly inherited her good looks. Noa is the member of the Israeli Consulate Speakers Bureau, The Israeli leadership Council, and the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, which clearly speaks of her intelligence. Tishby has been a part of many films including The Island, Skeleton Man, and the Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past. She also is a successful singer and attended the Tel Aviv National Museum of Art before she became a model.