Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada


#6 – Work Permit with Job Offer

Without benefit of a trade agreement through your current job, it can be tricky to get a work permit in Canada. However, if you are considered semi-skilled or skilled, based on a university education, it may still be a viable path for you. There are two main issues to overcome. The first is that you will need to convince an employer in Canada to hire you instead of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. And further, that employer then needs to report to Human Resources and Development Canada that no Canadian is qualified for the job. That’s called a Labour Market Impact Assessment, or LMIA.

If you are in a highly specialized field or already have connections in Canada, a work permit with job offer may be your best strategy. Once you’re over that hurdle and get hired, your work experience will set you on the path to permanent residence through several different programs including the CEC, federal skilled worker of trade programs, or the provinces’ skilled worker and semi-skilled worker programs.