26 The Most Funny Wedding Fails Photos


Women want to look their best during the big day, and it’s not surprising when you hear about someone who’s choosing to follow a healthy diet during the months leading up to their ceremony. Reports say it takes about two months of dieting to see significant weight loss. This woman above most probably stuck to her healthy eating habits, so she was excited to eat good food again come her special day. The photo shows her eating some carbs as she was on the way to the church. She looks happy, and we’re sure she ate even more tasty food at her reception


Once a couple finishes with their marriage ceremony, they get inside the bridal car and drive to wherever their reception venue is. This couple didn’t have luck on their side because their white Beetle decided to break down right on the highway.

It wasn’t even a minor issue because their vehicle later went up in flames. They made light of the situation by taking a photo together. It’s not surprising to see automobiles break down along the highway. Among the most common reasons are problems relating to the tires, battery, alternator, engine, breaks, and lack of gasoline.