30 Crazy Celebrity Outfits We’ll Never Forget

We love a celebrity that isn’t afraid to take risks, try new trends, or just be really over the top. It might not always land them on the best-dressed list, but it sure makes for a memorable moment. Click through for the wildest red carpet looks we’ll never forget.

1 Katy Perry

It’s lit—or at least Perry’s dress was at the 2010 Met Gala. The LED light dress was created by CuteCircuit and changed from pink to green to blue.

2 Miley Cyrus

In 2015, Cyrus hosted the MTV Video Music Awards, so she had to pull out all the stops. The songstress wore 11 different looks, but this custom Atelier Versace took the cake.

3 Nicki Minaj

The VMAs have always been a place where viewers are guaranteed to see some pretty wild outfits. Minaj made sure we weren’t disappointed when she showed up in this look which included stuffed creatures, slippers, an ice cream necklace, and bandages wrapped around her legs.