5 Awkward Presidential Moments That Were Caught On Camera

Five Awkward Moments Involving Presidents Caught On Camera, Probably each of us has a whole collection of unsuccessful, funny, and awkward photos. However, if you are the president, then these photos become public for a long time.

Of course, these embarrassing moments do not detract from the achievements of these country leaders, but most of them would like no one to see these photos and videos.

President George W. Bush dodges flying footwear

It happened in the fifth year of the war – an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at US President George W. Bush. The incident took place on December 14, 2008. A thrown shoe is the ultimate disrespect in the Muslim world.

The shoe became a symbol because it was a manifestation of the protest against the war that had accumulated over several years – and not only in Iraq and the Islamic world but also in Europe and in the United States, where President Bush’s popularity began to dwindle sharply.

Bush dodged the blow, ridiculed an Iraqi journalist, and claimed that the boot was a size 10.

President Donald Trump’s very long handshake with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

On February 10th, 2017 US President Donald Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Washington.

This meeting will be remembered for the long handshake between Trump and Abe, which lasted 19 seconds.

Trump took Abe’s hand tighter, stroked his palm several times, and held it for 19 seconds.

When the handshake ended, Trump calmly stood up, while Abe stood up with a sad expression.

President Joe Biden repeatedly tripped trying to board Air Force One

This embarrassing incident happened in December 2021. US President Joe Biden tripped three times as he climbed the ladder to board Air Force One on his way to Atlanta.

Biden began to climb the ladder quickly, but stumbled about halfway through, then stood up, but stumbled again. As a result, once he even fell to his knees on one of the steps.

After that, already holding the railing with both hands, the US president boarded the plane.