5 Awkward Presidential Moments That Were Caught On Camera

President Donald Trump stared at an eclipse

On August 21st, 2017, US President Donald Trump watched the total solar eclipse without goggles.

Photos and videos of this immediately scattered across social networks and overgrown with ridicule from users who joke that now America is also controlled by a blind man.

Many joked that Trump decided not to wear glasses in spite of the “fake media” that warned that it was dangerous for the eyes.

President Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin’s awkward lunch

In 2015, former President Barack Obama attended a United Nations luncheon.

As you know, Obama and Putin did not like each other. Mutual personal antipathy was confirmed by their handshake, which was extremely formal and detached. Holding out his hand to Obama, Putin smiled; Obama did not reciprocate. Both raised their glasses of champagne and said the proper words, but, according to the feelings of those around them, this was not a toast to health.