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6 Reasons To Worry About Harry & Meghan’s Marriage

Meghan’s family is problematic

Where to start with this? Meghan’s father Thomas Markle made a spectacle of himself before the wedding, leaking stories to the press and trashing the royal family. He threatened to boycott the wedding, and then cited medical reasons for not attending anyway.

Meanwhile, Meghan’s half-siblings bring their own issues to the mix. Her half-sister Samantha Grant is writing a tell-all book and her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. sports a criminal record. While it’s true you can’t choose your family, Meghan has chosen to estrange herself from her relatives due to their shenanigans, and it’s probably all for the best.

Harry and Meghan are using the media

Thanks to Meghan’s problematic father, the couple is under additional stress from the media shenanigans he brings.

On October 1, 2019, they brought a lawsuit against tabloid newspaper The Mail On Sunday for publishing a personal letter that Meghan had written to her father. British law against defamation allows this kind of suit. William and Kate sued a French periodical in 2012 for publishing topless pictures of the duchess. Even Queen Victoria and Prince Albert once famously sued a newspaper for printing private pictures of the royals at home.

What will become of this suit is for the future to determine, but in the meantime, the very existence of the lawsuit reveals the stress and anger the media attention has created in Harry and Meghan’s lives.