EPL: Gary Neville names most favoured Premier League clubs after Ronaldo’s return to United

Gary Neville has said the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo has placed Manchester United among the favorites to win the Premier League title this summer.

However, he believes Manchester City and Chelsea are the favorites to claim Premier League glory this season.

Ronaldo left Juventus to return to Old Trafford on Friday, subject to the 36-year-old agreeing to personal terms and passing a medical exam.

Neville has said that while the former Real Madrid star will “guarantee goals” and raise the bar at Old Trafford, his impact may not be big enough to propel them to the title.

“I predicted it would be Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United [in that order] and I’m not going to change that because of Ronaldo signing,” Neville told Sky Sports after the 1-1 draw of Chelsea v Liverpool on Saturday.

“I’m going to stick with that because I don’t think signing Ronaldo will make them a better team than Chelsea, who won the Champions League last season, or Manchester City, who were 20 points ahead. .

“It brings them absolutely closer to winning the title, it will bring them absolutely closer. But do I think it will win them the title now? No, I don’t. But now I’m more excited about Manchester United’s title fight than five or six days ago.

“I don’t think they will. I want to. Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane will have the mentality to win the United title, no doubt, but if I were to build my house now, do I think that? they will win the But I’m desperate for them to win the title, I’m just pragmatic.

“I think there is an element that you have to be in for these players if you are from Manchester United. Whether it gets him the title or not I’m not sure. It gives them a much bigger opportunity than it does. they didn’t have one 48 hours ago.

“It will not come for places in the Champions League. These are personal awards and titles. there is no doubt. I hope he can make a difference, because if he gets 10% of all the other players, there is a big possibility. There is a great possibility

But let’s be clear, Manchester City have been exceptional the past three or four seasons.

“Chelsea just won the Champions League and now they have a better team this season. They therefore also face the two best teams in Europe, three if you count Liverpool.

“The Premier League has been at the top for a long, long time. It’s not an easy Premier League, it’s come back to the top level in Europe and I think Manchester United are up against some very good teams.

“In years gone by I could have said this Man United side would win the title with 10 points, but it’s such a strong Premier League.”

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