EPL: Thomas Tuchel blames referee for Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea


Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel blamed referee Anthony Taylor and VAR for their 1-1 draw with Liverpool on Saturday.

He believes Chelsea were in a good position to win the game, but because of the decision to send Reece James off in the dying minutes of the first half.

Tuchel’s team quickly took the lead thanks to Kai Havertz and looked very dangerous going forward.

But just before the break, the game changed when the young England international was determined to have handled the ball on the line.

The referee initially missed the incident, but approached the VAR screen and immediately decided to award a penalty and a red card.

Tuchel was not happy with how quickly the referee made the decision.

“I no longer know what is going on and what is not happening. We were a little worried that he was just looking at a photo and the photo gives a clear picture that this is a red card and a penalty, ”Tuchel told Sky Sports.

“For me it was too fast, I would have liked a longer control and see the whole situation, where it deviates.

“I remember the refs telling us that if it’s a deviation and it’s not a very abnormal arm position, then it’s not a penalty.

“Maybe he will stay with the decision [if he saw the video] but I heard an explanation where it is not handball and then maybe he would have made another decision. don’t blame him for making the decision, but the way he made it was too quick for me. ”


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