Flo Rida Net Worth

Tramar Lacel Dillard is an enthusiastic American rapper who is famous worldwide by the stage name of ‘Flo Rida.’ Flo Rida has remarkably made a huge fan following across the globe with his popularized rapping form and style. This has eventually made him one of the over-enthusiastic rappers in the rapping world remarkably. Let’s find out how much is Flo Rida Net Worth!

The net worth of Flo Rida has considerably made an eye-point in the entertainment industry mostly. He has bestowed the number one hits on the U.S. billboards in the year 2008. This has eventually made him world-famous, breaking all records in the past years remarkably. Thus, Flo Rida has held a significant position in the rapping industry with high respect and as the highest-paid rapper.

Early Life

Flo Rida Net Worth

Flo Rida Net Worth

Flo Rida was born (16 September 1979) and brought up in Miami Gardens, making him an American citizen by birth. His birth name first knew Flo Rida as ‘Tramar Lacel Dillard.’ He was not the only child of his parents but got six sisters altogether. He completed his high school in the year 1998.

Later, he went to the ‘University of Nevada’ to study business management. After that, for two months, he took a short duration course at ‘Barry University.’ But has got very little interest in academics and soon ends up pursuing his career in his favorite subject as ‘music’ significantly.


Flo Rida started his first significant break in music beneath the famous label of ‘Poe Boy Entertainment.’ This considerable break has eventually opened the door of fame and name for him significantly. This has marked his career with the Hot Boyz in the year 2000. Gradually, he started turning up with Poe Boy, Cash Money, and other famous hip-hop artists like Trick Daddy, Trina, and various others. He has also given several hit singles and duos featuring the “Birthday,” which was a promotional hit at that time.

Flo Rida did his first debut album entitled ‘Mail on Sunday’ in the year 2008. His first blockbuster single ‘Low’ was featured in the musical hit film ‘Step Up: The Streets.’

In the year 2009, Flo Rida came up with his second successful album entitled ‘R.O.O.T.S..’

In 2010, he came up with his third successful album in musical career entitled ‘Only One Flo.’

His fourth major successful album entitled ‘Wild Ones’ was released in the year 2012 significantly.

Awards & Achievements

In the year 2008, Flo Rida won the ‘Teen Choice Award’ for the hit number ‘Low’ along with ‘T-Plain.’

In the year 2009, the famous rapper won four prestigious awards ‘ARIA Music Award’, ‘APRA Award,’ ‘People Choice’s Award,’ and the ‘NT Indigenous Award,’ respectively.

In the year 2013, he won the ‘International Dance Music Award’ for “Wild Ones.”

Over the past few years, Flo Rida was nominated for numerous prestigious awards and recognition from the world of music and rapping forms significantly.

Net Worth & Salary of Flo Rida

Flo Rida has got some magical charm to his rapping styles and forms, which have won over the heart of millions of followers worldwide. The distinctive feature of his single number with outstanding blockbuster hits has set a new benchmark in the history of the rapping world. This has eventually made him world-famous, fetching him a considerable amount of net income from his fan following significantly. The total estimated net worth of Flo Rida is about $40 million approximately

Flo Rida has matched up to his rapping numbers with significant blockbuster hits featuring various other famous artists of Hollywood. The number of given hits over the market has made a total estimated sold copies of about 247,000, which is unbelievably significant in number and highly visible as well to a large extent.