Rev Run Net Worth

Rev Run is a well-known practicing minister who is the founding member of Run D.M.C, which is a hip-hop group. In 2005, he became the founder of the reality show called ‘Run’s House’ on MTV. Before that, he was the lead vocalist of ‘The Force.’ He is also sometimes referred to as “DJ Run” or “Reverend Run.” He has won several honors with Run D.M.C.Let’s find out more about how much is Rev Run Net Worth!

Early Life

Rev Run Net Worth

Rev Run Net Worth

Joseph Ward Simmons, better known as “Rev Run,” was born on November 14, 1964, in Queens, New York, to his parents Daniel Simmons and Evelyn Simmons. He is the brother of Russell Simmons and Danny Simmons.

Personal life

In 1973, Rev Run got married to Valerie Vaughn. The couple has three children named Joseph “Jojo” Simmons Jr., Angela Simmons, and Vanessa Simmons. In June 1994, he got married to Justine Jones. With Jones, he also had three children named Victoria Anne Simmons, Daniel “Diggy” Simmons III, and Russell “Rusty” Simmons II.

He lives with his family in Saddle River, New Jersey. In September 2006, his daughter Victoria died due to an omphalocele. At the time, he allowed the camera crew of MTV to document the death of his daughter. Rev Run began adopting a vegan diet from 2017.


Rev Run was the lead singer of the group The Force. Later, he co-founded Run-D.M.C. along with DJ Jason “Jam-Master Jay” Mizell and Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels. He adopted the named Rev Run as a Pentecostal minister. In 2005, he appeared in Liberty X’s song “Song 4 Lovers”.

Run-D.M.C. released its eponymous debut album in 1984. A year later, they released the album called ‘King of Rock.’ This was followed by ‘Raising Hell’ in 1986. Their other albums include ‘Tougher Than Leather,’ ‘Back from Hell’, and ‘Down with the King.’ Their last studio album, called ‘Crown Royal,’ was released in 2001.

They have also released one live album, six compilation albums, and 30 singles. Some of their popular singles include “Walk This Way,” “My Adidas,” “It’s Like That,” “Down with the King,” and “It’s Tricky.” They have also appeared in many films including ‘Who’s the Man?’ and ‘Tougher Than Leather.’

In 2005, Rev Run released his solo debut album called ‘Distortion.’ It included the singles “I Used to Think I Was Run,” “High and Mighty Joe,” and “Home Sweet Home.”

He has also appeared in many television shows like ‘The Weakest Link,’ ‘Run’s House,’ and ‘My Super Sweet 16’. He is the creator of the cable series ‘Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers’ and ‘Rev Run’s Renovation.’

Awards & Achievements

In 2007, at the BMI Urban Awards, Rev Run was conferred with the BMI Icon. In 2004, he was named as the “Protege of the Year Award.” With Run-D.M.C., he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have also received a Grammy Award nomination and have appeared in Rolling Stone magazine’s cover.

Net Worth & Salary of Rev Run

Rev Run has an estimated net worth of more than $80 million. This fortune comes from his career as a member of Run-D.M.C. They have successfully released many albums that have been certified platinum many times. Run-D.M.C. has also endorsed Adidas. Rev Run had also authored a book in 2008. He has also successfully released a solo album and has made many appearances on television. Additionally, he lives in a house worth $5.5 million.

Rev Run is considered one of the most popular singers in the world. He has successfully released many albums and singles with the group Run-D.M.C. The group is one of the first hip-hop acts to appear in Rolling Stone cover and also in American Bandstand. His popularity also made him appear on many TV shows. He is also involved in various philanthropic works for underserved communities. In 2011, he became a Fellowship Church’s special guest.