Run DMC Net Worth

Run D.M.C. was an influential American group founded by Joseph Simmons, Jason Mizell, and Darryl McDaniels. D.M.C. has been considered as the best hip-hop group with influential acts in the early 90s. This was the only group that has a gold album in early 1984 and later selected for the Grammy Award.let’s find out more about how much is Run DMC Net Worth.

Early Life

Run DMC Net Worth

Run D.M.C. Net Worth

Run D.M.C. was formed in Queens, New York, and founded in 1981. The concerts have been started after three years of formation. One of the members, Simmons, has made his appearance as a D.J. while Kurtis Blow was performing. The son of Kurtis served as the D.J. Run and later played together in a single stage.

Before, the focus of McDaniels has been on music rather than involving on athletics and later purchased turntables to pursue his career as D.J. He was forced by Simmons to make his performance in front of the public and also wrote different rhymes as ‘Easy D.’


The co-founder McDaniels and Simmons have performed in the Hollis in the late 90s, and their rap performance helped them to connect with them to Jazzy. Mizell also involved in the controversy over his worst attitude, which pushed him into the problems. His work was started in the field of music, and later, he also appeared as an entertainer.

They all three worked together and released their record with the title ‘Street Kid, ’ which didn’t get famous but has been noticed by several people. Later, they completed their graduation and started working for the new records. At that time, McDaniels got his stage name as D.M.C. and decided to make the group name as Run-D.M.C., which helped them to get more fame all around the country.

In 1983, they also made another single with the title ‘It’s Like That’ and made a record while holding 15th rank in the R&B charts. All of them also performed in the New York Hot Tracks in the same year and later made their debut of the group in 1984. Most of the hits are viewed several times includes Hard Times and Jam-Master Jay.

Awards and Achievements

Run has achieved numerous achievements in the entire field. This group has been formed by three members and later reached the height after their group performances. After, they also nominated for the Grammy Award and also received the platinum record. This group also got several certificates in the year 1986.

The net worth of Run D.M.C.

Run DMC earned a net worth of $100 million. The drawing of the group has been calculated from the earnings that are generated by the members. Simmons has played a significant role in the contribution, and the other two partners just joined him in every record. McDaniels has received the stage name D.M.C. and later helped them to get more attention after changing the group name as Run- D.M.C.

Run D.M.C. was known for Hip-Hop records, and the person behind the group was Joseph, Mizell, and Darryl McDaniels. They all lived as a family member and always co-operated in any of the activity. Their appearances are mostly liked by the people and loved to watch them performing live on stage.