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The Truth About Donald Trump’s Relationship With Barron

On the cusp of the 2020 elections, the public knows all too much about Donald Trump and most of his family. In fact, it’s difficult to spend a day on social media without hearing about Donald and his wife Melania or children such as Ivanka or Donald Trump Jr.

The big exception to this is Donald and Melania’s 14-year-old son Barron Trump. We occasionally get big updates, including the fact that he had (and recovered from) COVID-19, according to a personal essay Melania posted on the White House website on Oct. 14. But much about this young Trump remains a mystery.

Fortunately, we can peel some of that mystery back by diving into the truth about Donald Trump’s relationship with Barron.

Barron stays out of the public eye

Barron is the most private and seemingly-reclusive of the Trumps. This may be due in part to his desire to stay out of the limelight. However, we know for a fact that it is largely due to his mother Melania Trump.

Melania laid it all out in a 2016 interview with ABC News. She said that despite all of the insanity surrounding the election and her husband, that her biggest priority was that Barron has “a childhood as normal as possible.”

For the most part, Melania seems to have been successful. Although Barron occasionally gets swept up in his mother’s own drama, including when she notoriously refused to move herself and Barron into the White House at the beginning of Trump’s presidency.

Donald and Barron reportedly live in different parts of the White House

Because Melania has been so successful at insulating Barron Trump from the media, there is only so much we know about his life and his personality. And most of what we do know seems to come directly from Melania herself, although various writers and journalists have made attempts to pierce this particular veil.

In 2019, journalist Kate Bennett released an unauthorized biography of Melania titled Free, Melania. This book claims that Melania and Barron both live in an entirely different quarter of the White House than Donald Trump (although as Yahoo! points out, Melania has publicly denied this).

Long story short? We can’t know for sure that Barron lives very far away from his father within the White House. But back in New York, Barron had a separate floor of Trump Tower for his very own. If he does have his own space in the White House, this may simply be how he prefers to live.