Top 10 Hottest South African Female Stars


The world is infested with Television faces who seem to be a fixture as far as viewing pleasure is concerned. And, as a common norm, the world tends to only be knowledgeable of extremely glittery glamour and highly famous female individuals or groups worldwide such as the common women like the “Kardashians“. But over time they get boring as they’ve become something only the cliché would think about. Yet who takes the time to analyze and appreciate as well as give accolades to South African Female Stars for their talents of being naturally Hot on-screen? Yes, by the way, South African women are highly beautiful. And somewhat exotic as some of the rest of the world may think and thank you for that if you’ve noticed as well.

Below are 10 of the Hottest South African Female Stars who are dominating the South African screens as we speak and have become a favorite of the local people who enjoy watching them doing what they are best known for. Be it acting, singing, or modeling, they are diverse in Patel

A message to readers, please note that in compiling this list, it is not based on race, background, color, or age and is purely for the purpose of showcasing whose already famous for being Hot in their appearances. There will be an influx of opinionated versions of who’s hot and who’s not and so you’re entitled to your opinions as I am to mine in compiling this list.

10. Zakeeya Patel

Isidingo, the long-running South African TV series has showcased and presented a vast amount of talented individuals throughout its air duration on TV. And, it has stepped up its game a little in recent times by having more variety of cultures and diverse race groups. Indian on Television has been very scarce and only seen in Bollywood movies. And to see Indian males and especially Indian females on our South African soapies has been a huge jump. It has also gained thousands of more viewers to their program in the process.

Zakiya Patel is a recent addition to the Isidingo series and has been winning the hearts of young males ever since. This young woman is absolutely gorgeous and has been rather mysterious to those who saw her for the first time. Quick wits and distinctive facial features as well as that pin-straight black Indian hair makes her ultimately a ‘desi girl’ of her kind and category. Dreamy eyes and glossy lips make her outstanding.

9. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, South Africa. She has come a long way in her acting career by going big – Time in Hollywood. South Africa is her origin of birth, regardless of where in the world she resides now. Being born South African and bred by the South African lifestyle in her early teens, she sure has had a sense of superiority that has been brewed into her ever since and she most certainly is absolutely beautiful and hot in everything. She comes at the number 9 position in our list of hottest South African female stars.

8. Leeanda Reddy

Leandra Reddy, prior to Zakeeya Patel, on Isidingo, was the Indian woman who was first there before her and has been giving off her Indianish vibe ever since. A twist and tang of a white accent made her one of the Hottest South African female Stars that the viewers have seen on the show. She is a mature Indian woman on our list. She’s of the most attractive body figures which may appeal to a lot of younger men who fancy hot middle-aged Indian women.