Top 10 Hottest South African Female Stars

7. Jessica Marais

Born in South Africa, and moved to Australia, Jessica Marais is at number 7 on the list of hottest South African female stars. Best known for her roles as Rachel Rafter on the TV series Packed to the Rafters and Lily Diamond on the TV series Magic City. Cute face, fine-tuned eyebrows that are lined perfectly and you can see it be done by some professional. Clever woman, she is hot as well. She needn’t had to have tampered with her eyebrows though, not that something is wrong with them, but purely due to the fact that her natural eyes are baby blue. You look into Jessica’s eyes and it sets you the scene of being on a tropical Hawaiian Island drinking umbrella drinks with your shades on, under the sun.

6. Michelle Van Der Water

All the way from Cape Town, as Hot as that City is known to be during summer, that heat has been passed onto and stuck to some females, making them what they are well known for around South Africa as well as around the globe. And, so is Michelle Van De Water who is exactly as her last name suggests and that’s a never-ending flow of hot stuff from her side.

As one of the hottest South African Female stars, she holds 6th place. She’s kept up to no other standard other than her beauty and reputation. It’s gotten her thus far by her efforts, talents, skills, and striking a pose that when shot as a picture, and when looked at for the first time would definitely be one of an in-erasable memory from one’s mind. Although Michelle Van De Water is rather slim and slender in her body type, she is still absolutely hot and pretty as can be as her underlining features lie primarily in the perfectly shaped hip curves, yogurt soft and smooth skin, and her bikini poses which is amazing!

5. Lesley Ann-Brandt

Here’s a Hot as hell Cape Colored descent who can be considered as one of Jennifer Lopez‘s duplicates but the South African Version. Makes us South African’s proud and we’re sincerely honored that a woman of her stance, stature, and appearance overall is homebred in the same country we live in, just as all the other hot and beautiful amazing women on this list are. There are different types of Hot when it comes to women and it’s rather the toughest decision to make as they all spring up the scales on their own levels and makes it extremely hard to reach a consensus overall in that regard.

Lesley Ann-Brandt however is a woman so flexible and versatile and topping Charlize Theron who also made it big time overseas and featured on several films internationally etc. This is a big jump for Beautiful Les. As Gorgeous as she is, being of South African colored (mix race) descent, it’s a huge addition to her ‘hot factor’ overall as these types of women in South Africa have a certain way about them and how they speak as well as carry themselves out which comes across as strong and attitude as well as aggressive. Lesley Ann-Brandt surely does represent everything that colored women are proud to be and feel in South Africa and they all want to be beautiful, some just are, naturally and that’s a gift of God towards such an ethnic group entirely.