Top 10 Hottest South African Female Stars

2. Jolene Martin Morgan

Jolene Martin Morgan who is an established and well respected as well as popular Actress, singer, Television presenter and MC takes the spot at being the second position in the list of 10 Hottest South African female Stars for several valid reasons and I must say, it’s been a tough competition between her and Michelle Van De Water as each is sincerely and strikingly as gorgeous as each other and in their very own ways as well as being almost identical to some strange level, minus the frizzy hair of Michelle. This was as tough a decision to make between the two, however, Jolene tops a Michelle slightly with regards to having slightly more curvaceous hips and also a thicker body.

Jolene Martin certainly banks hard on the fact that she’s a good body structured woman and she sure is right in her self-judgment too. Her skin is so tanned and brown and anything that appears dark is psychologically automatically sexy when it meets the eye or if it occupies the mind, certifying that she’s one of the hottest South African Female stars out there and deserves it bigger than she’s already gotten.

1. Jeannie D

Everybody I’m sure has been waiting for the Finale enchantress of this list of hottest South African Female Stars and the one who takes Number 1 position in it and hands down does it is Jeannie D. For those of you wondering who is she and how come you haven’t seen her before, you probably have but has been so lost in her gaze that you forgot her name or didn’t pay attention to it. Yes, she has that hypnotizing way about her, and I myself would sometimes switch to a mode of lost adventures while she’s on screen.

Phew!… Where does a man start when speaking on the topic of South Africa’s greatest Television Presenter for Top Billing as some of the richest (Donald Trump and wife), as well as the most famous of the world, has been featured in front of her, answering her questions! Nothing sexier than a woman in control and command too. She has the appearance and beauty, the stunning and drop-dead gorgeousness of an Arabian princess that you’d pay to look at every day even just for a few minutes of viewing pleasure to satisfy a man’s daily need of doing so. She isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, but in terms of who’s the Hottest on South African screens, she’d definitely take the most votes and that’s only if everybody else has an eye for masterpiece females like Jeannie D.